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Emilie Thulin Design is a brand strategy and design studio. From the start in 2012, the studio takes commissions from startups to larger companies.

With over 15 years of experience in graphic design and branding, in local as well as international markets, all clients needs will be met with deep understanding and expertise. Every project is approached with curiosity, in a collaborative manner and always with a holistic mindset.

The foundation is a passion for long-lasting design that communicates, aligned with a well defined strategy. The goal is clear: When your business goes from competing in price, and by a strong reputation gains your customers hearts, it will become a brand.


Building a strong brand takes time, effort and commitment. However, if you define who your are, what you do, and why it matters – it will be easier to design a roadmap to reach your goal, and your ideal customer’s hearts.

A visual identity is the look and feel of your brand. It is the communication beyond the words. In order to have a strong visual identity, it needs to be consistent, but most important, it has to align with your brand strategy.