In 2012 Västmanlands Teater in Västerås went through a vide range of changes. A new Director of Theatre, a new ensemble and new core values were reasons enough for a new brand identity.

A graphic identity system was created, including new logotype, color pallet, imagery and guidelines for all applications such as posters, ads, website, magazine, flags, staff clothing and a wayfinding system, interior and exterior of the theatre.

The new brand identity centers on the theatre’s core values; playful, courageous, open.

Logotype and stationary.
Applications and website.


Art direction for imagery. Photo (poster): Mats Bäcker. Photo (performances): Håkan Larsson.

Magazines, nominated for Svenska Publishingpriset (2015) category: information print.
Annual reports, nominated for Svenska Designpriset (2014) category: information print.

Brand pattern.

Icons for soup theatre and afternoon (tea) theatre.
Brand pattern implemented on beer bottles.